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maxresdefaultDo you need help to install the Ubuntu or Linux Mint operating system on your computer? It runs much faster than Windows which is getting slower and slower with time – you may have to do fresh install once in a while which is a pain in the neck. Linux is also extremely secure compared to the Windows operating system. Contrary to what you think, Linux has been made to even run on most of of your old computers which may be sitting there and collecting dusts. To hire me to install and set up a Linux system on your computer, you will get a three-month free service after the installation. I also do custom installation and setups such as Windows-Linux dual-boot, language install and input for languages other than English, software suggestions and installations, etc. Please use the following form to contact me for more information. Yours sincerely, Aubrey

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  • 407 Hawkwood Blvd NW, Calgary, AB, Canada
  • 403-999-8910