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Install Ubuntu or Linux Mint with 3-month service guarantee

If you live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I can personally install Ubuntu or Linux Mint on your computer, whether it is a new or old computer (Linux will run faster than Windows on old computers it does not need a lot of space and memory). I can do Windows-Linux dual boot installation if you want it that way. For more information, please click here. Thanks!

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Top 50 Best Programs and Their Linux Open Source Alternatives

After having switched from Windows to Linux, have you ever thought of using your favorite programs in the Linux OS, programs that are available in both Linux and Windows? Knowing that will let you instantly use the same old programs in the fast and secure Linux.

If your favorite programs are not available in Linux, then at least you can find some counterparts that work the same as your Windows program...

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Welcome to Ubuntu Linux Mint Software Center!

We post here the best Linux application for a certain task. For example, as most linux users know, the best browser is Firefox, the best email client is Thunderbird, etc.

Note that we simply list the linux software programs that we actually use ourselves. If you do not agree with us, then please post your favorite in the comment area below each post.

Once we have accumulate enough nominations for each category, we will prepare a page for each categ...

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