Kdenlive – the Best Video Editor for Linux

KdenliveHaving tried numerous video editors for my Linux Mint install, I have finally settled down with Kdenlive – a non-linear video editor that can handle three video tracks and two audio tracks. You can use it to add video clips, audio clips and even static pictures/photos/images to your video project. You can set how long you want each image to last in your video.

Kdenlive supports DV, HDC and much more formats. these are the main features it has:

* Guides and marker for organizing timelines
* Copy and paste support for clips, effects and transitions
* Real time changes
* Firewire and Video4Linux capture
* Screen grabbing
* Exporting to any by FFMPEG supported format

The following are users’ reviews:

The_Smith (2011.09.17) – Very nice, lots of features. it has been able to open a corrupted file also, whereas avidemux could not.
yahtzeek9 (2011.08.24) – Most feature filled user-friendly video editor in linux. save frequently. still pretty unstable.
Kitwar (2011.08.04) – Very useful and satisfying 🙂
linuxali (2011.07.31) 555555555555555555555555***********************
mintlinux (2011.07.28) – I like the program, but i need the newer version.
panic42 (2011.07.24) – I still has some rough edges but gets the job done. good thing: it directly works with the source materiel not conversion needed.

My own rough edges are the following: (1) did not know how to remove the cut section of a clip – it turned out to be simply the “Delete” key 🙂 and (2) did not know how to export the video – it turned out to be the red “Render” button on the top right corner!

I highly recommend it to every Linux user – if you know anything better than Kdenlive, then please post your favorite in the comment area below.

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